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Crowns (Caps)

Dr. Jennifer J. Jerome Akron Dental Crown Services


If you are dealing with a worn, decayed, or badly damaged tooth, you know it can greatly affect your daily life. At the practice of Jennifer J. Jerome D.D.S., we are aware of the discomfort that can come with compromised teeth that require crowns. We also know the distress that seriously damaged teeth can cause, and we offer same-day appointments whenever possible to fix them. Whether you've had a sports accident, cracked a tooth while eating, or need a crown for cosmetic reasons, our team is here to help complete your smile with a dental crown.

We always prioritize your overall health and comfort and work hard to offer care that restores your oral condition and gets you back on track. Our gentle female dentist will be there every step of the way, from your initial consultation to the placement of your crown. Contact us today to discover how our beautiful Akron dental crowns can complete your smile and enhance oral health!


What Is a Tooth Crown?

A dental crown, or tooth crown, is a tooth-shaped prosthetic made of various materials like porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or gold. These prosthetic teeth encase and protect damaged, decayed, or worn teeth. Dental crowns are versatile and can be placed throughout your smile, providing strength and function while also improving the aesthetics of your smile. Our dentist will discuss the various options for restoring your compromised tooth based on your case.

Our Gentle Dental Crown Process

While you're at our practice, we aim to provide services that are efficient, effective, and always conscious of your comfort. We've worked to streamline providing crowns so we can offer improved oral function as quickly as possible. Our process for placing a dental crown is straightforward and typically involves three phases. The three steps in getting a dental crown include:

  1. An Oral Examination: We'll begin with a thorough initial consultation where our team assesses the state of your problem tooth or teeth. Depending on your situation, we may use advanced diagnostic tools like digital x-rays to better understand any underlying issues or damage to your smile.
  2. Cleaning & Impressions: When we determine you require a dental crown, we begin by cleaning your compromised tooth and taking impressions of it. We send these impressions to a reliable dental laboratory, where they'll carefully craft your restoration. While waiting for your permanent crown, we might place a temporary crown or filling to protect your tooth.
  3. Dental Crown Placement: When we receive your crown from the lab, you'll return to our practice for placement. At this appointment, we'll begin by priming your tooth for the final restoration. Your newly crafted dental crown will be firmly affixed to your existing tooth with dental cement. These advanced cement materials provide a durable connection that will last many years with proper maintenance.

When a natural tooth cannot be preserved, we work with skilled oral surgeons who can extract teeth and offer dental implant services or other restorative options. We are here to help you make a confident choice about the right treatment for your situation when you need extractions.

Assisting in Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can cause significant stress and anxiety. Whether you've experienced dental trauma or have an infected tooth, we are here to alleviate your pain and provide prompt care. We extend same-day appointments wherever possible to address urgent dental issues quickly. We may refer you to an endodontic specialist if you need root canal therapy. In situations where we do refer you out, we'll help control your pain until you can get the care you need.

Dental Crown FAQs

Choosing a practice to provide a dental crown is a big decision. Our team works hard to create a comfortable environment, and we're always happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have. Some frequently asked questions about dental crowns we receive include:

Can I get a crown if I have gum disease?

You can get a dental crown despite having gum disease in certain instances. We'll work with you to ensure periodontal disease is controlled prior to the crown placement.

If your dental crown becomes damaged, it is vital to contact us right away, even if it seems very minor. We can usually repair minor damage with resin or other composite materials. These easy repairs work to keep your underlying tooth protected. If a crown can't be repaired, we'll offer a temporary crown while working with you to design its replacement.

Perhaps the most important part of caring for your crown is maintaining oral hygiene. This includes brushing twice a day and flossing daily to prevent plaque buildup and decay around the crown. Additionally, avoid chewing on hard foods to prevent breaking your tooth-shaped crown. Our dentist will give you detailed instructions about caring for your crown at your appointment.

Your Choice for Dental Crowns in Akron

At the practice of Jennifer J. Jerome, D.D.S., we are passionate about helping you regain the overall health and function of your smile. From our reception area to the exam chair, you can rest assured you'll be treated with compassion and respect. Our gentle, skilled team is committed to delivering exceptional dental care and promoting comfort throughout your treatment. Contact us today to learn how our dental crown services in Akron can complete your smile!



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